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Delta Partners, the leading TMT advisory and investment firm today released a new white paper entitled “Mobile Financial Services: A fading opportunity for mobile operators”.


Mobile financial services (MFS) include M-Payments, M-Banking and M-Insurance. The whitepaper explores the harsh reality of rolling out successful MFS platforms for mobile operators and identifies potential collaborative models for capturing this rapidly fading opportunity.


Although mobile operators across emerging markets believed that capturing the US$120-130 billion M-Payments was going to be as easy as growing mobile penetration, successful platforms are few and far between . However, not everything is lost. The rapidly growing base of banked smart-device users creates three opportunities: digital payments, Near Field Communication (NFC) payments and M-Banking, including access to bank services through apps and joint operator-bank commercial approaches. The white paper explores the potential stand-alone and collaborative models for MFS platform roll outs for operators and identifies those with clear potential. Although collaboration with OTT players is of questionable value for operators, partnering or collaborating with banks and financial payment networks is likely to yield value for all involved.


“Operators and banks are not destined to be competitors – both must learn how to partner and cooperate with each other to unlock the true potential of Mobile Financial Services.” says Joao Sousa, Partner at Delta Partners.


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