Delta Partners' vision is to be the leading TMD professional services firm in emerging markets by being a hub for capital, people and knowledge


Industry focus: Telecoms, Media and Digital (TMD)

Delta Partners was born out of the strong conviction that in-depth end-to-end industry expertise is a prerequisite for successful professional services. Our many years of focused TMD experience have proven a continuous advantage over generalist firms. Whether we are advising leading Telecom Operators worldwide, undertaking Corporate Finance assignments or managing Investment funds – by living the industry on the ground we have been able to create the competitive edge.


Market focus: Emerging markets

Delta Partners is an emerging markets specialist. Fast growing and liberalizing telecom markets require an approach that is radically different from those in mature markets. We combine years of relevant experience in emerging markets with first hand insight from the liberalization wave in Europe, the US, Latin America and South East Asia. As a result, Delta Partners is perfectly positioned to create value for clients and investors in this highly dynamic environment.


Synergistic approach: Integrated business model

Delta Partners was set up as an integrated business to reap the many synergies across its various business lines. Our Management Advisory practice is built on industry focus and complemented by the leading-edge insights delivered by the Delta Partners Intelligence Unit. In parallel, we leverage more than 180 full-time TMD professionals to support our investment strategy in deal sourcing, evaluation, and portfolio management. These synergies not only benefit our clients and investors, but also our employees to whom Delta Partners offers a unique opportunity to work in Management Advisory, Corporate Finance and Investments.

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