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At Delta Partners, we have structured a clear career path which provides opportunities for learning and growth at all levels. We believe in meritocracy – there is no such thing as an average career path. The growth environment in which Delta Partners operates allows excellent performers to have a significantly swifter career track. Our Evaluation & Feedback system allows for timely and regular recognition of potential within each team member. We clearly reward outstanding contributions and differentiating performance to promote such behavior. Quarterly review cycles not only provide performance feedback and identify learning opportunities, but also adjust tenure levels to ensure rapid career progression.


In order to facilitate our employees to keep growing and developing their skills, Delta Partners not only holds regular training sessions to enhance key abilities but also assigns a Mentor (senior employee within the company) to coach them throughout their career.



These are new graduates, or graduates with limited professional experience, from top schools around the world. Analysts participate in our client-serving or investment teams from the very first day, assisting senior professionals with industry and data analysis and contributing to the generation of intellectual capital. Although no specific background is required, many analysts have a business, economics or engineering background, all with exceptional analytical skills.



Associates are graduates with some professional experience in management consulting firms, banking or telecom operators. Associates provide support to senior team members on generating hypotheses, designing data gathering processes and developing approaches for analytical tools or methods. Associates take the ownership of quality deliverables by making sure issues are identified and actions taken, escalating major issues to the senior team members, when necessary.


Senior Associate

These are graduates with significant relevant professional experience and / or an MBA from one of the leading global business schools. Senior associates perform end-to-end analysis and take responsibility for entire modules within the assignment, including close collaboration with client teams. Although senior associates have a very diverse background, they have demonstrated superior performance in their careers to date, often in management consulting, banking or telecoms operations.



Managers are experienced client-serving professionals with significant (7+ years) experience in consulting, banking and / or the telecommunications industry. Most managers have an MBA from a leading global business school, and have demonstrated true leadership and distinction in their previous careers. With Delta Partners, managers lead small client engagements, and take responsibility for the delivery of the work including workplan definition, team management and the day-to-day client relationship. Managers are active contributors to internal development of intellectual capital and the growth of the office through recruiting, marketing and training.



Principals are experienced senior advisors with many years of experience in the consulting industry, bringing with them certain specific areas of expertise and relationships to the Delta Partners team. Principals are expected to work with the partner group on developing new client business and proactively developing opportunities in both advisory as well as the Investments business. Principals lead larger advisory engagements and act comfortably as senior advisors to C-level clients and serve on boards or executive committees with investees.

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