Rating and charging IT platform to enable MNOs digital offering


Company description 

ItsOn, which was founded in Redwood, California (USA), enables the Smart Services™ offering that allows mobile operators to transition from simple service provision to offer the full suite of digital services demanded by today’s consumers.  Leveraging on ItsOn’s patented device-embedded technology paired with a highly scalable private and public cloud solution, mobile operators can enhance their traditional offerings of voice, text and data plans with innovative services, such as OTT bundles, m-Commerce and service sharing thereby delivering more personalization, greater transparency and greater control.

Our contribution to value creation

As part of the leading TMD advisory and investment Group in emerging markets, Delta Partners Capital was chosen as Lead and Strategic Investor for the Series D round based on our value-add to the investment.  
This includes:
  • Support commercial expansion: Using our network of relationships in the telecom space we help ItsOn identifying and prioritizing MNO prospects with the highest strategic and commercial fit, in both developed and emerging markets
  • Maximize impact on clients: Delta Partners Advisory platform can add significant value to ItsOn product implementation in mutual MNO clients; working with such MNOs to launch innovative digital value propositions leveraging ItsOn’s IT platform
  • Drive product development: Leveraging our Advisory platform, IU team and internal know-how, we help ItsOn developing new products and features; identifying the most compelling MNO client offers globally, thereby keeping the product catalogue up to date and sustaining ItsOn’s competitive edge vs. competitors