Buy-side support for a leading Asian telecom player

Buy-side support for a leading Asian telecom player

Case studies

A leading global telecom group based in Asia appointed us to provide with valuation, synergies quantification and integration plan in the context of potential acquisition of a WiMAX/LTE player.

Our Approach

We acted as a strategic advisor, working closely with the management team to define the potential transaction and analyse the value implications:

  • Provide advice on the transaction rationale, including the strategic playfield vis-à-vis other alternative investments
  • Full bottom-up valuation exercise, including the quantification of the target intrinsic standalone value, detailed synergies estimation and other pockets of value (i.e. spectrum, infrastructure)
  • Definition, together with the CXO team, of the post-acquisition integration plan consistent with the synergy plan
  • Coordination and liaison with the group function (regional board, group management) for stakeholder management and approvals for indicative bid submission

Our Impact

Our collaboration with the client resulted in the following benefits: 

  • Realise the strategic value of the transaction and the long term benefits arising from it for its core business
  • Discuss at Group level the implications of the deal and in relation with other corporate activity required for the business
  • Understand the position of other players in the market towards the opportunity

The acquisition did not close as the client’s last offer did not match that of the highest bidder, but allowed the client to realise the intrinsic strategic value of the acquisition to plan ahead on the next steps of its future growth strategy.