Opportunity assessment and strategy

Opportunity assessment and strategy

Case studies

The client, a fixed incumbent in a mature telecommunications market, was going through a process of business transformation with the launch of a five-year strategic plan to take the company to the next stage. The management team at the client understood that IT has to be one of the key enablers to support the transformation of the operator to become a true convergent player with an attractive offering. We were asked for support to revamp the IT department.

Our approach

Our assessment included a special focus on ensuring a short-to-long term solid link between IT and the different business areas. Some of the areas covered included the following:

  • Identification of different structural and evolutionary enhancement opportunities
  • Proposal of a new, detailed organisation structure and governance model
  • Definition of a new strategy to effectively manage the Software factories
  • Development of a set of recommendations to improve the demand management
  • Revision of the company’s sourcing strategy and internal procedures
  • Revision of the IT budget to identify efficiencies and opportunities to be re-invested

Delta Partners provided a new strategy for the IT department, identifying the different areas for improvement as well as supporting the implementation for different quick wins and high-priority initiatives. 

Our impact

The foundations were built for the IT department to become the true enabler of the business towards the new converged strategy the company was pursuing. We also supported the launch of a new FTTH offering and launch of innovative LTE mobile services.

From a short-term point of view, the organisation structure and team were revamped. Several IT-related issues were fixed, which led to a double-digit increase in time-to-market statistics, an immediate reduction in costs, a superior quality in development, and an increase in capacity to undertake value-added activities and attend to higher-priority demands.