Opportunity assessment and strategy for ICT

Opportunity assessment and strategy for ICT

Case studies

An integrated telecom operator in a large Asian market had identified ICT services as a key part of its growth strategy and had set ambitious growth targets in terms of revenues and value. It had subsequently asked its ICT services subsidiary to devise a strategy to reach these targets. The local ICT market was poised to grow significantly due to increasing demand for ICT services from corporate clients. However, the client was also witnessing increasing competition from both international players entering the market as well as domestic competitors who were keen to exploit the opportunity. The client therefore asked Delta Partners to support its ICT subsidiary in the formulation of a growth strategy that would enable the business to meet its growth targets within the changing market context.

Our approach

Delta Partners helped the client define a growth strategy for its ICT business which included:

  • An assessment of the ICT market and its potential for further growth
  • An assessment of the current ICT business of the client and its key strengths and challenges
  • A specific strategy for four different sectors within the ICT market with detailed recommendations on products and services that the client should focus on
  • A business case quantifying the potential financial impact of the growth strategy
  • An action plan to implement the recommended strategy
  • Overview of potential inorganic growth opportunities to pursue

Our impact

The ICT growth strategy helped the client understand the ICT opportunity better and focus its efforts on the key sub-sectors within the ICT market. It led to a detailed definition of specific ICT products and services to be launched organically and in conjunction with other partners. The client has since approved a significant investment to execute the ICT strategy and has also finalised a partnership with another leading telecom player. The client has also started actively engaging with other players to pursue inorganic expansion opportunities.