The Delta Perspective is a series of white papers published by Delta Partners, delivering authoritative, objective assessment of hot topics which are high on the agenda of decision makers in the TMD sector. Through the Delta Perspective, we share some of our intellectual capital and industry insights with clients and investors. Using these publications, our objective is to contribute as one of the thought-leaders on some of the most widely debated questions affecting our industry.

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Globally, telecom operators have been facing slowing growth in their traditional revenue streams. Fixed operators have faced stagnant or declining traditional revenues, typically due to a combination of mobile substitution, VoIP migration and a steep reduction in bandwidth pricing.

In this white paper, we explore the enterprise cloud opportunity for telecom operators, the key challenges in an operator‘s cloud journey and the key success factors that an operator needs to consider for a successful cloud launch.



The telecom industry finds itself at a tipping point as their traditional cash-cow services such as voice and messaging are being substituted by data access revenues, at lower margins Operators’ current innovation efforts are largely aimed at improving existing products or “sustaining innovation”, which is fundamentally different from the disruptive nature of “radical innovation” that a transition in the industry cycle requires.

Our latest white paper addresses these issues as telecom operators struggle to become a “2.0” operator in a new industry cycle.


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