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As a unique provider of an integrated service offer, our focus is on serving our clients in the TMD (Telecom, Media, and Digital) field through a wide range of services, depending on each client’s unique needs and organizational goals.


Whether it is advising top-management on a competitive commercial strategy, assisting in the growth process through the acquisition of a stake in a target company, or raising funds for a promising player to establish a significant presence in the TMD market, Delta Partners possesses the internal capabilities and expertise to achieve our client’s goals.


Our team of professionals, with diverse backgrounds in the worlds of telecom, media, technology, finance, and investments, established Delta Partners in a position of providing this complete service offering, Management Advisory, Corporate Finance, and Investments.


Delta Partners has an exclusive focus on emerging markets. Our geographical presence extends from South Asia to the Gulf, Levant and Africa. To access those regions, Dubai, Johannesburg, Barcelona, Singapore and Bogota, act as ideal hubs allowing optimal and convenient coverage of our working territory.


Our consolidated presence in the Middle East and the increasing footprint in the African continent clearly reflect our experience in emerging markets, ratifying our value proposition success.


In these regions we serve not only the leading local operators and telecom players, but we increasingly support regional and international operators to expand their horizon.



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