As part of our integrated business model, Delta Partners offers a suite of Corporate Finance services to our clients. Given the multidisciplinary capabilities within our team, Corporate Finance assignments are a natural extension of the support we can provide to players in the TMD sector.

Delta Partners leverages on its deep understanding of the industry, and its unique access to the widest network of investors and executives in the TMD space. This is executed with an experienced team which has participated in relevant transactions in North America, Europe, and the MEA region.


Wide Range of Highly Specialized Resources Integrated Business Model Understanding the Value Drivers TMT Focus Presence (MEA, Eastern Europe, Emerging Asia) Access to Decision Makers and Financial Investors


Wide Range of Highly Specialized Resources

Over 40 different nationalities think and work at Delta Partners' 170 people+ strong team. Being exceptionally qualified, most also possess blue chip experience in developed markets. And with specific TMD knowledge, they embrace new challenges in the Telecom, Media and Technology arenas with passion and resolve.
It's what they do every day.


Integrated Business Model

Delta Partners was set up as an integrated business to reap the many synergies across its various business lines. Our Management Advisory practice is built on industry focus and complemented by the leading-edge insights delivered by the Delta Partners Intelligence Unit. In parallel, we leverage our more than 170 TMD professionals to support our investment strategy in deal sourcing, evaluation and portfolio management. These synergies not only benefit our clients and investors, but also our employees to whom Delta Partners offers a unique opportunity to work in Management Advisory, Corporate Finance and Investments.


Understanding the Value Drivers

Through our Management Advisory practice, we have over 170 professionals working in emerging markets helping our clients address their most pressing strategic issues. This gives Delta Partners an unparalleled understanding of the TMD industry as a whole. Combined with our in-house research capabilities of the Intelligence Unit, we help our clients identify the appropriate strategies to unlock shareholder value.


TMD Focus

Delta Partners was born out of the strong conviction that in-depth end-to-end industry expertise is a prerequisite for successful professional services. Our many years of focused TMD experience have proven a continuous advantage over generalist firms. Whether in advising leading Telecom Operators worldwide, Corporate Finance assignments or managing Investment funds – by living the industry on the ground, we have been able to create the competitive edge.


Presence (MEA, Eastern Europe, Emerging Asia)




Access to Decision Makers and Financial Investors

As the reference TMD Advisory firm in emerging markets, Delta Partners has direct access to key decision makers in the industry. We work with C-level executives in the most relevant regional telecom operators, but also support top executives in international players targeting emerging markets for growth opportunities. This access provides an advantage to our clients because we can quickly validate any investment hypothesis and identify potential buyers and sellers with significant synergies with the assets at stake.

Through our Investments business, we have generated the region's strongest relationship network of financial investors who invest in TMD. This network consists of family offices, high net worth individuals, and institutional investors. We believe that it is key to have existing relationships with investors who are passionate about the TMD sector and understand its value drivers as we do. This ensures that deals can get done quickly and maximum value can be captured for our clients.


This information is intended for sophisticated investors who are Professional Clients or Market Counterparties under the Rules of the Dubai Financial Services Authority (“DFSA”) and no other person should act upon it. This information does not constitute investment advice nor is it an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy investment mentioned herein. Delta Partners, its affiliates, officers, directors and employees may have an interest in any investment mentioned herein. Delta Partners Corporate Finance Limited is regulated by the DFSA.


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