What we look for

We are keen to consider investment opportunities that meet the below criteria:

  • Proven business models with significant growth potential within the TMD sector across Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia
  • Average ticket size of US$25 million with a potential of up to US$300 million per transaction. Minimum deal size of $15 million, although the capital may be staged
  • Emphasis on providing growth capital, with the ability to also do selected buyouts
  • Active involvement through significant minority or control positions with an active board presence
  • High growth companies that are EBITDA-positive currently or within two years at the most
  • Proven, successful management teams

We target opportunities across the themes outlined below, although the list is not exhaustive.  We will also consider additional opportunities which prove attractive within the TMD sectors. 

We are keen on actively backing strong, experienced management teams driving high-growth companies in the TMD sector
Nino Vashakidze,
Vice President