What we offer

Our specific value-add to the investee companies includes the following:

  • Our deep TMD sector knowledge enables us to better understand the opportunities and the challenges the management teams face in this sector and thus, can quickly focus on what matters most for their company’s growth
  • We provide support in business development through prioritisation of targeting efforts, providing introductions to key decision makers within the telecoms industry and honing go-to-market positioning
  • Through our Analytics Based Management practice, we have an extensive understanding of the operators’ available customer data and the ways of extracting that data
  • We provide management teams with access to our in-house Intelligence Unit’s extensive industry statistics, research insights and a broader platform’s proprietary knowledge of mobile operators’ strategy to expose them to the latest TMD trends and best practices across the globe
  • We leverage our extensive senior management network in the TMD industry to provide a high-calibre pool of talent for the management teams
  • We help companies in fund raising and subsequently in exits, leveraging our wide network of financial and strategic investors and the experience of bringing millions to the capital markets
It’s when we get into a discussion with the existing shareholders on what Delta Partners can bring to help grow their business beyond just capital that we really differentiate ourselves
Dominic Halfpenny,