The Future of Telecoms: New models for a new industry


February 2012


Juan Jose Rio - Partner - jri@deltapartnersgroup.com
Andreas von Maltzahn - Principal - avm@deltapartnersgroup.com
James Ong - Manager - jo@deltapartnersgroup.com




    The telecoms industry of the future will look very diff erent from what it is today and operators are at a strategic crossroads, needing to decide what strategic models to adopt to best address fundamental shifts in revenue mix and margins. Key developments will include:
  • 6 connected devices per household by 2020 with ‘Internet everywhere’
  • Explosion of data related services (current 50% of market to more than 70%)
  • ‘New wave' growth (9% CAGR) willoutstrip traditional services growth(3% CAGR)
  • Eroding margins with ‘New wave’ services (<30%) compared to traditional services (40% to 70%)



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