7 questions for 7 consultants: Kudakwashe Kuzviwanza

7 questions for 7 consultants: Kudakwashe Kuzviwanza


Given the uncertainty generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, including potential adjustments to the way the industry is going to operate, we wanted to find out how our team fared through the COVID-19 situation and how they see the world evolving in the coming months. We’ve asked 7 questions to 7 of our consultants from all around the globe. Today, we interview Kudakwashe Kuzviwanza, who is a Team Leader in our Johannesburg office.

What has your experience been like during the COVID-19 outbreak?

In the beginning it was a difficult adjustment as there was no separation between work and home. After reading a few articles both externally and shared by Delta Partners, I managed to build a routine and where possible try to stick to working hours. Exercise and yoga during breaks have become so important to keep me motivated during lockdown.

How do you think Delta Partners has handled the situation? What would you highlight?

I think the leadership did a good job by being transparent of how Delta was navigating the situation which helped ease the uncertainty. I also like how Delta took control of the situation through various initiatives such as mental and physical wellness, content pieces on COVID as well as the incorporating the ‘Project of the Week’ concept into the weekly company-wide ‘All hands call’ which gave everyone a good picture of some the interesting engagements being worked on and how they have adjusted to COVID.

What are you most looking forward to when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted?

I definitely look forward to seeing my friends and family, hiking and going to food markets. I also look forwards to reconnecting and laughing with my colleagues in random corridor chats.

Are there any skills you have learnt or habits you have developed during the pandemic that will benefit you in the post-COVID-19 work environment?

The lockdown situation has allowed me to make better use of my time in the morning. I have taken up meditation, yoga and managed to make meal times a time to connect with my wife without the distraction of phones and TV. I hope to continue this post-COVID and have more balance in the work environment.

How much of a change do you expect in the way mgmt. consultants operate in the post-COVID-19 world? If you expect there will be change, in what way(s)?

I think the new normal has helped to prove that the ‘Work from home’ can be something that can be made an integral part of how management consultants work. I think going forward consultants will begin to demand more days of working from home as part of improving work-life balance especially when there is no urgent need to be in the office or at client site.

What kind of priorities do you think will be important for telecom, media and/ or tech players in this post-COVID-19 context?

Security will be a big priority going forward as people access their employer’s servers remotely and from an array of devices. It is therefore important to ensure privacy and data protection is well managed in the new normal to ensure trust in TMT players is maintained.

Any advice or recommendation you would give to new Delta Partners joiners, in this new context?

I think new joiners should quickly build their own disciplined routines when working from home and try as much as possible replicate a work environment (e.g., quiet room, meal breaks, snacks, whiteboards). They should also be proactive in participating in virtual events so that they get to know the team better. They should be happy to know that Delta’s culture is still intact during the pandemic which in itself speaks volumes of the commitment of each individual at Delta.

Kudakwashe Kuzviwanza
Team Leader



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