Benefits and Living

Benefits and Living

Global mobility 

With presence in key industry hubs in 6 different countries, Delta Partners is able to offer a global employee mobility programme, which allows our employees to work on projects in other office locations.  This international exchange programme is designed to enhance our employees’ professional and personal development and give the exposure to experience different cultures and the opportunity to work with colleagues around the world.

Competitive compensation package

Our competitive compensation package rewards employees who not only perform well, but also who contribute positively to the firm’s growth, culture and environment. We will reward employees who reflect our values in their behaviour and attitude at work and help the firm fulfil its vision and mission.

Comprehensive weekend pack

All practice staff are entitled to quarterly weekend packs when they are assigned to projects outside of their home base locations. This allows our employees to return to their home base locations to relax and refresh. . The scheme is flexible and allows practice staff to spend the weekend at the project locations or to travel to one of our closest offices. We want our employees to explore new cultures and experience different things or just have a weekend to relax and refresh even if you choose not to return to your home base.

Internationally-recognised Insurance

We also offer a comprehensive health insurance plan for all employees and eligible dependents with recognised international health plan providers. We also provide additional life insurance coverage.

Work flexibility

We believe in work flexibility. What this means is that we will discuss with you the option for part-time work hours and will work with you on an arrangement that suits you and yet not disrupt our business. We also offer sabbatical leave options and special time off depending on circumstances and your tenure at Delta Partners.

Delta Wings

Last but not least, we believe that it is not all about work. We want you to have fun and get to know your colleagues outside of work. Our social group Delta Wings will organise fun activities for all employees in all of our offices throughout the year. Anyone can volunteer to be a member of Delta Wings.

In conclusion, we offer a comprehensive competitive package for every employee who wants the challenge of working alongside inspiring colleagues and industry leaders in different markets.  If you have what it takes to work with us and if you have a passion for the TMT industry, please take a look at our job opportunities sector and submit your application today.