Transactional Services

Transactional Services

Service offering:

  • Strategic, commercial and technical due diligence – Provide full due diligence services for TMT clients with special focus on emerging markets businesses. True market knowledge allows us to provide with strategic and commercial due diligence reports comprising all aspects relevant to the investment opportunity assessment, including perspective on the market, business strategy, value and commercial proposition, future market share potential and review of cost structure. We also provide with technical due diligence services focused on review of technology roadmap plants, CAPEX planning and synergy potential
  • Bid book support – Full support on the preparation of bid books for the acquisition of telecom licenses and privatisation processes. We prepare the technical proposal and other client qualification criteria, building a perspective on the valuation and price for the potential license and advising our client on the bidding process support
  • Business planning – Comprehensive business planning development which include review of management business plans and development of business plans for new businesses. Comprehensive view including market modelling, revenue build up, cost structure build up to generate a full P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statement view for the client

Key benefits:

  • True specialist with deep TMT industry knowledge
  • Broad knowledge base from Delta Partners Group
  • 360˚ view 

Note: Provision of Transactional Services shall be subject to compliance with all applicable regulatory registrations and/or restrictions in applicable jurisdiction

Note: All corporate finance activities are conducted through, and have been since 1 December 2020, the applicable “FTI Capital Advisors” legal entity in compliance with applicable laws and regulations

Our TMT expertise allows us to consistently provide differentiated transaction services to our clients
Elisa Tusacciu,