Empower children with determination

Empower children with determination

There are millions of children around the World, and thousands in Dubai who live with a certain form of determination. These kids are not only extremely talented and require empowerment to be able to express their thoughts and talent, but also they require special attention and activities tailored to their specific needs individually.

Delta Partners has visited a special education and activity center where our colleagues performed several activities, including dancing, paining, martial arts, acting, singing and yoga with the kids. The kids have various different conditions and each of them requires a tailored day-to-day program.

The program was successful as:

  • Creative activities can empower these children and give them courage to express themselves
  • As the kids are coming from various different background, the special education center heavily relies on donations on top of the tuition fees to maintain its operations. Delta Partner’s contribution significantly helped the institution to provide quality programs and care for its children
  • Delta Partners employees could also experience the beauty of engaging with the children

Delta Partners is looking forward to explore further opportunities in community activities associated to children in 2020.