Interning in New York

Interning in New York


I joined Delta Partners as an Interning Business Analyst in New York. As a German studying in Barcelona, this was an opportunity I had never imagined prior to interviewing in the Barcelona office. 

The work
For three months, I was able to learn from and work alongside very talented and fun colleagues. From day 1 they made it clear that they do not hire “interns”, but instead Business Analysts who will return after going back to University. This was reflected in the responsibilities that I received throughout the project. On the second week, I joined the team in their weekly consulting routine – Monday morning flying to the client, returning on Thursday evening and an office day on Friday. 

As an intern, I was amazed by how many meetings I was able to join - my manager and the firm’s Partners encouraged this. For me, this helped put into perspective what the goals of the work and analysis are, and also experience how the client understands and plans to set the outcomes. 

In a team with a Senior Consultant, Senior Team Manager and a Partner, I was expected to very quickly learn how to understand, analyze and structure answers to the client’s problems. Usually this means working with extensive amounts of data to find insights; in my case I additionally learned a geo-analysis tool in order to analyze the location and usage of the cell towers the client had. This was due to the project’s scope of determining in which other cities the client should rollout 5G in the future. 5G was a topic I had regularly seen on the news but was now able to get a deeper understanding of the technology and see the difficulties and requirements for the actual deployment. During this whole time, the Senior colleagues were teaching me patiently or, at least, provided me with the resources to teach myself. 

I personally really appreciated Delta Partners’ culture of constructive feedback. Especially as an intern starting on the job, it is very valuable to receive regular feedback and mentoring both in terms of technical skills and other professional skills that can be quite different to the ones that are valued in University. 

The people
As mentioned before, the colleagues at Delta Partners are not only great to work with; we spent a lot of time together outside work and made friends quickly. 

At the end of my first week, everyone was invited to the Friday happy hour. I was happy to get the chance to meet all the people who were on projects during the week, but as it turned out, it was also the farewell for one colleague who had been in the New York office from the beginning. One phrase I found remarkable was that everyone said that leaving the “Delta Family” is a “see you soon” rather than a “goodbye”. Surely enough, during my three months in New York I saw him again twice; one of those times at the Christmas dinner. 

As many consultants come in from other offices, their main point of contact in the new offices are the colleagues. This creates an environment where it is very common to go out for dinners, drinks or other activities such as bouldering on the weekends. 

Another noticeable aspect at Delta Partners was that with my story of living or working in my fourth country, I was definitely not alone. I felt like I could find at least a travel story for pretty much any country I would ever want to visit. This international mindset is something that shapes a lot of people at Delta Partners. 

To conclude, I am very glad that I have the chance to re-join the team again after finishing University and am looking forward to working with the colleagues again and making more friends at Delta Partners. 

Dominik Fries
Business Analyst

Dominik conducted an internship as a Business Analyst in the Delta Partners NY office, from October until December 2019. He’s graduating at ESADE business school in Barcelona in 2020