Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Helping industry players reshape the connectivity business

Our Management Consulting service leverages our sector expertise, unique intellectual capital and 360-degree view of the telecoms, media and tech (TMT) industry to help our clients solve their most-challenging strategic questions. We work alongside industry players to reshape the connectivity business as well as define strategies to capture the digital opportunity. We help global and regional telecom providers, tech players and other TMT clients on a wide range of topics, from strategic to operational. Our exposure to the broad TMT value chain enables us to help our clients move into new businesses and new markets.

Defining strategies to capture the digital opportunities

We utilise our vast experiences and propriety intellectual capital to help our clients maximise efficiency, whether it is through organisational design or governance, infrastructure optimisation or IT transformation and we complement these programmes with a robust implementation support. Our dedicated in-house Analytics Based Management practice provides advanced analytical, modelling and pattern recognition capabilities with extensive understanding of customer data. Our internal Intelligence Unit has extensive industry statistics and research insights providing us with the latest TMT trends and best practices across the globe. We have a dedicated CX practice that helps clients figure out where to focus efforts, then design great customer experiences, and arm them with the right capabilities and operating model to deliver them. Our Technology and Operations practice supports the businesses with their expertise on IT transformation, efficiency and cost optimisation and analytics capability build-up.

Together with our other business lines, we bring strategic, technical, financial and operational advice to our clients in the TMT space globally. 



Delta Partners Management Consulting

Our Practices



We understand the relevance and importance of the data and analytics domain for our TMT clients and therefore invested in the development of its own specialised practice. 


Customer experience

We support businesses across their end-to-end CX transformation journeys.


Infrastructure and Technology

Our industry knowledge and expertise comes as a result of being a TMT specialist with engagement across 5 continents in emerging and developed markets.


Media, Sports & Entertainment

We focus on enhancing our clients’ capabilities through developing new ways to monetize their assets and content rights, assessing M&A opportunities and generating economies of scale.

Our Expertise

Bottom line and ROIC improvement

Increased demands from customers on satisfaction and increased pressure from shareholders on management means that the telecom operators must demonstrate clear business cases for any internal programmes to increase efficiency, optimise cost and still better return on invested capital.

Building the core enablers

Big data capabilities, business intelligence and IT efficiency are enablers to help TMT companies provide better services to their customers and future-proof business models. Our in-house Analytics Based Management and Technology and Operations practices provide the means for our clients to meet tomorrow's business demands.

Driving Growth

Business models of today must transform to address new challenges faced in the telecommunications industry. Transitioning into a data-centric business model and venturing into the ICT space are areas where we can support our clients to stay relevant, be competitive and continue to drive growth.

New frontiers

Telecom operators are now turning to the digital space as a key growth area that can sustain their business for the future. We support telecom players in identifying the safe path to capturing the value being generated by economies’ shift to digital by defining and reshaping their digital strategy.


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