Analytics practice

Analytics practice

Analytics practice

We understood the importance of data analytics to our TMT clients and more so a necessary asset to compete in the digital age therefore we invested in the development of our own specialised practice.

Delta Partners' Analytics practice is a team of knowledgeable consulting professionals and data scientists with a combination of different abilities (strategic problem resolution, data management and deep analytical insights generation) and numerate backgrounds (Mathematicians, Physicists, Engineers etc.) deploying proprietary TMT analytical methodologies across our clients base.

Through the application of our proprietary analytics frameworks and methodologies to link the different layers of granular information (internal e.g. network, commercial, call center etc. and external e.g. social media, public and open data), we provide actionable recommendations to support our clients to tackle strategic business problems of different nature across the organisation such as revenue stimulation, value proposition improvement, S&D revamps, broadband optimisation, OPEX efficiencies and CAPEX deployments, etc.

Additionally, we also work with our clients to establish new or improve existing Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data capabilities within their organisations through the definition the optimal BI and Big Data operating model and its enablers (organisation, technology, talent, culture and mindset).

Furthermore, to operationalize analytical intelligence that we have developed over the years, we established Delta Partners’ Datafarm – a team of analytics execution and EDW/BI implementation specialists fully dedicated to accelerate data and analytics adoption within our client organizations.

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The deluge of data in the digital age means our TMT clients will rely more and more on analytics to make sense of it all
Anna Arlorio,
Associate Partner