Bottom line and ROIC improvement

Bottom line and ROIC improvement

Efficiency and cost optimisation

With revenue growth dwindling, efficiency has become a universal priority for the TMT industry. Efficiency programs in the last few years have been mainly focused on ad-hoc measures such as ‘blind’ FTE or budget reductions, with structural measures limited to asset sharing and outsourcing. Most large-scale efficiency programs have not tackled the issue of “doing things better and in a simpler fashion”. We go beyond the typical benchmarking assessment to identify not only where operators can save money but, more importantly, how processes can be optimised to reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction – across commercial, technical and support areas.

Our Technology and Operations practice focuses on supporting telecom players across the following topics:

  • Short efficiency assessments
  • Simplification, consolidation and standardisation
    • Product and services simplification
    • Technical simplification
    • Commercial simplification
    • Handset portfolio optimisation
  • Managing demand
    • Optimising demand process
    • Optimising service levels
  • Smart sourcing
    • Vendor and contract rationalisation for technical areas
    • Resource rationalisation
  • Operational excellence
    • Setup operational excellence (process transformation) program
    • Customer-facing process transformation
    • Customer-enabling process transformation
    • Enterprise support processes transformation

Capex and ROIC optimisation

With the end of the “build it and they will come” days and the decoupling of revenues from growing network investments, shareholders have increased pressure on the management of their telecom operations and now demand clear ROIC before deployments are made. In this context, network rollouts and upgrades require careful analysis, ensuring all alternatives are deliberately considered and assessed and a clear business case justifies the investments being called for.

Our expertise in Capex optimisation covers:
  • Diagnostic of value across the network
  • Optimisation of Capex allocation
    • New rollouts (fixed and mobile)
    • Improving ability to serve
    • Implications for backhaul and edge of the core
  • Long-term network strategy and planning
    • Geographical technology mix rollout plan (fixed, mobile and integrated)
    • Infrastructure-based P&S
    • Network decommissioning
  • Rollout execution support