Building the core enablers

Building the core enablers

Analytics capabilities build up

We have a dedicated ABM team (Analytics Based Management practice) that is able to deploy proprietary TMT analytical methodologies across our clients base.  We link the different layers of information (e.g. network, commercial, sales, call center) into comprehensive datamarts which become the main enabler for our analysis. This analytical and diagnosis phase allow us to provide actionable recommendations to our clients. We leverage on proprietary frameworks and methodologies to tackle business problems of different nature across the organisation such as strategic direction, revenue stimulation, value proposition improvement, S&D revamps, broadband optimization, OPEX efficiencies and CAPEX deployments.  
With businesses shifting from traditional to digital model, information in digital format has grown exponentially and some companies, especially digital players, are exploring the availability of this data to provide better services to customers and more efficiently manage their businesses. 
  • Fixing the business intelligence (BI) factory
  • Designing the right BI enablers
    •     Data quality and consistency
    •     Data availability
    •     Insights and reporting
    •     Competences, methodologies and team build up
    •     Governance and organisation
  • Building Big Data capabilities
  • Establishing Big Data foundations
    •     Big data role and goals
    •     Readiness and starting point
    •     Initial approach and roadmap
  • Supporting implementation
    •     Technology model and architecture deployment
    •     Business and go-to-market model
    •     Team (organisation, competences build up, recruiting)

IT transformation

IT excellence is a prerequisite to address execution of most of the challenges that the TMT industry faces today. The starting position from the telecoms’ IT function is typically quite low. For some operators, the cost of an inefficient IT function can add up to more than 10p.p. in EBITDA, across decreased commercial effectiveness, slower time-to-market, and Opex inefficiencies in IT.

Our Technology and Operations practice has expertise across the following topics:

  • IT strategic plan
  • Optimising the internal IT function
    •     IT department revamp
    •     Improving the business – IT relationship* (demand management optimisation)
    •     Time-to-market optimisation
    •     IT quality turnaround
    •     IT cost reduction
  • Making the external IT function work
    •     Move to IT outsourcing
    •     Outsourcing turnaround
  • Building the right architecture
    •     Architecture / system blueprint definition
    •     Vendor / platform selection
  • Making large projects successful
    •     Key project success
    •     Key project turnaround