Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Market maturing, emergence of OTTs,  and decreasing network differentiation are transforming the telecom industry into a commodity. In a commoditized space, product and service are a given, and the customer becomes in control of their relationship with the brand. Customer experience, or better, customer centricity,  becomes the key source of competitive advantage. It is no longer an option. It is imperative.

Empirical proof that CX leaders perform better than industry average in both revenue and market cap.

Transforming CX however is difficult, especially in established industries like Telecoms and Media. Customer centricity was never part of their DNA and muscle memory runs deep, hence changing such dynamics is incredibly difficult.

Success starts by putting CX on top of the CEO/CFO agenda, proving the link between CX and value generation, both a strategic and operational level. Followed by building the machinery to enable the transformation: thought approach at CX measurement, empowered CX team with new set of capabilities, adoption of the proven Discover-Design-Test-Build-Evolve approach at driving CX improvements, and customer centricity change management program to shift DNA are all critical enablers that need to be built to start the journey. This will enable not only to the design great experiences, and to radically improve customer satisfaction, but to continuously evolve as customers’ needs and preferences change.

Delta Partners CX practice helps you figure out where to focus the efforts, then design great customer experiences, and arm you with the right capabilities and operating model to deliver them. We support businesses across their end-to-end CX transformation journeys:

  • Set aspiration
    • Understand what matters to customers, pain points, sources of differentiation and define a differentiating CX thesis and guiding principles
    • Quantify CX value generation potential / value at stake
  • Establish critical enablers
    • Implement CX measurement (VoC and QES) and establish practices to maximize their value
    • Redesign the CX team mandate, operating and governance model to ensure empowerment and alignments
    • Establish core CX capabilities: design thinking, customers and employees co-creation, agile practices, closed loop feedback
    • Activate the organization around CX and customer centricity
  • Transform the business
    • Redesign of the end-to-end the customer experience (brand, product, journeys) through design thinking approach and 'agile' implementation CX improvement
    • Operationalise the defined experience by adjusting enabler layer: processes, systems/tools, and employees training
TMT leaders rely on our CX expertise to help figure out where to focus the efforts, design great customer experiences, and build the right capabilities and operating model to deliver them
Daniele Pe,
Associate Partner, Head of the CX Practice