Driving Growth

Driving Growth

Transitioning to a data-centric business model

As the telecommunications’ connectivity business shifts from circuit-switched to packet-switched, its decades-old business model must transform to address the new challenges. With customer needs changing, network investments escalating, and revenues showing worrying trends, telecom players need to rethink their business to monetise the data explosion and increase their relevance in the minds of customers.
We have developed specific approaches to support our clients in this transition 
  • Building a profitable data-centric portfolio 
    • Demand and behaviour X-Ray
    • Data-centric offer design
  • Becoming a successful data-centric operation
    • Branding communication
    • Go-to-market strategy
    • Data-centric service model
    • Aligning assets to optimise returns on invested capital (ROIC)

Enterprise ICT

As industries shift from bricks and mortar to the digital space, and data becoming a crucial factor for most companies, IT becomes a fundamental business enabler for both small and large businesses. Many telecommunications providers have ventured into the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) space typically with limited success (with a few exceptions), but ‘cloudification’ provides yet another opportunity for telecom operators to try and play the role, as networks gain relevance and the one-to-many cloud business model familiar to telecom operators becomes standard.
Our expertise in this field covers:
  • ICT Strategy for telecom operators
    • Holistic ICT strategy
    • Partnership and acquisition strategy
    • Creating ICT solutions  capabilities
  • ICT go-to-market transformation
    • Building ICT sales capabilities
  • Capturing the growth
    • Cloud opportunity assessment
    • M2M opportunity assessment
    • Product portfolio and delivery strategy
    • Optimisation of ICT factory


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