To support our employees’ growth and development, we assign each Manager a Mentor who is a senior team member of the firm. The Mentor will support the Manager by providing guidance and mentorship. The role of the Mentor is two-fold: 

Career Developer

The Mentor takes a long-term view on the performance of the Mentee. This view is built by having regular discussions with project managers, peers and colleagues as well as reviewing the formal feedback received after the completion of each projects. The Mentor is also responsible for preparing and presenting the career progress case to the Partner Group during the evaluation cycles. Each Mentor has regular informal sessions with the Manager for whom he/she is responsible for and pro-actively drive the career development of the assigned Mentees. The Mentor also support the Manager in achieving his or her professional goals.


The Mentor acts as a counsellor to the Manager on career-related matters and has regular sessions to discuss overall career progress, project matters and development needs. As a Coach, the Mentor provides guidance, making sure the assigned Mentees are developing and progressing towards the Partner level. 

We believe that every employee should play a significant role in firm contribution. A manager can choose to be a Mentor of junior members of the firm and help shape the Mentee’s career at Delta Partners.