My onboarding experience before the pandemic

My onboarding experience before the pandemic


Having grown up in a sheltered suburban environment, moving across the country felt risky, but incredibly exciting. A few months down the line, I can say it’s been well worth the effort.

My arrival
When I first arrived in San Francisco I was greeted by a bustling, yet somewhat compact city; I had visited once when I was 14 but had forgotten just how interesting this place was. After walking around and taking in the views, I headed off to the hotel and looked through my onboarding documents as well as housing options to start my process of settling in. Despite what many believe about San Francisco, finding housing wasn’t very difficult and I was able to secure an apartment within a week of my arriving.

The few weeks of work felt very much starting at a new school. Lots of nerves and trainings –useful trainings! I was quickly acquainted with the San Francisco office and realized the team while small, had a lot of personality.

Training in Dubai
The most memorable part of my entire Delta Partner’s experience thus far has been going to Dubai for onboarding and training. As I mentioned growing up in a suburb, I’ve never been outside of the country before so going to Dubai was amazing.

The atmosphere in the Dubai office was intimidating at first, but a few smiles and nods in passing warmed things up. The trainings themselves were quite dense and lengthy, but with good reason! Each training either explored a functioning of the firm or taught a method of doing analysis the Delta Partners’ way. Meeting the Partners along with fellow co-workers not only made me realize Delta Partners not only had a thriving community, but a place I could grow and gain experience.

First Project
After around a month preparing to start work, I was staffed on my first project in Kansas. I was thrust into the midst of a project with a client that Delta Partners had been working with for several years, so the relationships were deeply established. Initially, I felt out of my element; templates, formats and acronyms I’ve never heard of were used regularly and I had to adapt to my environment. Thankfully my immediate team was more than willing to answer my plethora of questions and get me up to speed on operations.

We were in Kansas. It’s not the most exciting place, but that didn’t stop the team from having a good time after cranking out work for the client. Being from Texas, I appreciated all the barbeque outings after work (Texas BBQ is still better though!)

I joined Delta Partners just 3 months before the coronavirus outbreak. I feel I got here just in time! Management keeps everyone up to date with weekly meetings to detail important firm happenings which brings me peace of mind. Although I don’t get to travel or go into the office as I had hoped, I have bi-weekly video calls with my mentor and office catchups each Friday. On top of that, there are numerous community events such as movie nights and work-out sessions to keep everyone connected.

Things have certainly been different since the pandemic hit, but I don’t feel I’m losing too much of the experience of consulting (other than the travel!) Most importantly, I’m calmed by the actions the firm is taking to ensure everyone remains on board, which is a chief concern of mine just starting out.

As the lockdowns continue, I’m keeping myself busy with work and my own hobbies. One thing I’m not so worried about is making it through the crisis – I have great people backing me up.

Derius A. Threats
Business Analyst
San Francisco office


Delta Partners - TMT Advisory and Investment