Cash Credit

Cash Credit

Innovative micro-finance via mobile operator technology platform

Company description

Cash Credit is a technological non-banking financial institution founded in 2011 in Bulgaria that partners with mobile network operators to offer micro financial services to mobile subscribers. The company uses an innovative, proprietary credit scoring approach to offer consumers rapid credit decisions, with convenient service and billing through their partner operators. Cash Credit partners in Bulgaria with the country's two largest mobile network operators.

Our contribution to value creation

Though Cash Credit’s founder had access to several other sources of equity and mezzanine debt capital, we were the partner of choice based on our value add to the investment. This includes: 1) support in business development via targeted introduction to mobile operators, providing more than just contacts with the key decision makers, but also market prioritisation and honing of the commercial offer through our broader platform’s proprietary knowledge of mobile operators’ strategy and the quantitative support of our Intelligence Unit; 2) ongoing support in the further development of scoring models via our dedicated Analytical Based Management unit, which has extensive knowledge of the depth, reach and extractability of mobile operator data; 3) operational and day-to-day management support including optimisation of the 44 initiative BUILD programme, and development of appropriate management and board reporting, budgeting and planning with oversight of our four Board of Directors members; 4) support in recruiting efforts by leveraging our extensive network of industry experts, most recently their new Chief Transformation Officer; and 5) support in leading and structuring debt capital raising.