Innovative security provider for data stored in the cloud

Company description 

CipherCloud was founded in 2010 and it is now a leading cloud security provider which developed a patented and innovative solution that facilitates banks, healthcare providers and telecom operators to secure their customer data whilst using third-party SaaS cloud provider solutions. Some of the most important Fortune 500 corporates worldwide use CipherCloud’s encryption solution to protect their sensitive information, from customer data to intellectual property.

Our contribution to value creation

Delta Partners Capital was chosen as Strategic Investor for the Series B round based on our value-add to the investment. This includes: 1) favor the adoption of cloud security solution and promote CipherCloud as universal standard for the telecom space given the large amount of sensitive data which are generated and the strict national and international regulations in terms of data protection and management; 2) push for the creation of commercial partnership with telecom operators, not only as a customer but as force multipliers to deepen the company’s reach beyond their direct and the third-party SaaS cloud providers’ sales team. In doing so, telecom operators and their captive systems integrator can act as a gateway to the vast global large-medium enterprise market beyond the company’s Fortune 500 focus today; and 3) accelerate international growth beyond CipherCloud’s sales and marketing efforts which are currently heavily focused on North America and to a lesser extent Western Europe. Delta Partners Capital will work with management to help prioritise international high-growth markets and develop the right commercial strategies to address key partners and clients in developed and emerging markets.