Karoui & Karoui

Karoui & Karoui

Integrated media and advertising company in the MENA region 

Company description

Karoui & Karoui (K&K) is an integrated media and advertising company focused on telecom operators. It provides creative services, pre and post-production print, audio and video services to clients in the Maghreb and the Middle East and it offers outdoor advertising space in Tunisia and Algeria. In 2008, K&K launched Nessma TV, a satellite TV broadcaster that gives advertisers a unique pipeline through which to access contemporary youth audiences across the Maghreb with an innovative product. Nessma’s shareholders also include Mediaset (a media conglomerate controlled by Silvio Berlusconi) and Tarak ben Ammar, a well-known Tunisian movie producer and media investor.

Our contribution to value creation

We are an active shareholder in K&K providing ongoing support through various strategic and operational initiatives. These include: leading the assessment of two prospective acquisitions, supporting business development through targeted introductions to telecom operators, leading the recruiting of the Chief Financial Officer, supporting margin optimisation, supporting cash management and improving the company’s financial management and reporting. Our assistance proved particularly important during the Arab Spring of early 2011, as the company had to react very quickly to the sharp deterioration in revenues by cutting costs in order to ensure the long-term viability of the platform.