Virgin Connect

Virgin Connect

Russian wireless broadband player

Company description

Trivon operates under the Virgin Connect brand and is a broadband player in Russia providing last mile access, IP-VPNs and hosted telephony services using fibre, WiMAX and WiFi as access technologies. The company offers high quality broadband services to residential customers and SMEs applying a customer-centred approach. In order to enhance its position in the business segment, Trivon made a follow-on acquisition of Unitline, a company that serves 2,000+ SMEs and corporate clients in ten regions.

Our contribution to value creation

At a Board level, our fundamental role has been supporting direction-setting and strategic planning as well as monitoring and mentoring Trivon’s management. In addition, we have supported Trivon to establish relationship with EBRD and IFC and to effectively run the fundraising process to finance acquisition-driven growth.

We continue to support fine-tuning of the company’s strategy and the support of execution of operational and strategic matters. We are also helping guide the consolidation plan with management through our Chair role in the M&A committee.