Ramadan 2019 Event

Ramadan 2019 Event

Dubai is famous across the world for its beautiful beaches, hot weather and amazing skyscrapers that cover the entire city with shiny tall windows.

What Dubai is also famous for is hosting hundreds of thousands of workers who come from all over the world to build those buildings in just a couple of years allowing therefore to Dubai to keep growing and nurture.

Such workers, unfortunately, are not so lucky to have the privilege to have access to good food, good company and some entertainment. Especially during Ramadan, they need to endure a whole day of work fasting and only get access to food and drinks during late afternoon, after the sun sets.

For this reason, Delta Partners team members decide to take some time off to go and meet a group of over 100 workers and provide them with a good dinner and a small hygiene pack. This included:

  • A tasty rice biryani with chicken
  • Yogurt and date
  • Apples and juices
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Soap and deodorant

The event was a success because it gave the workers a chance to distract from their daily routine and gave them a chance to enjoy a hot tasty meal…while it also helped Delta Partners’ team to see a different reality while enjoying a fun break from their work.