Supporting “Willing Hearts”

Supporting “Willing Hearts”

At first glance, the building seemed different from the oblong residential blocks surrounding it. It had low ceilings, and looked more like an industrial estate, with controlled access to the compound.  There were few trucks being filled with containers, people working to pack. But when one looked closer, few details seemed to indicate that this was not a normal warehouse.

At first, the workers, who did not wear uniforms or did not seem to interact like workers. More like group of friends. The kids playing around the entrance. The cafeteria next door, run by young disabled people. This is where we spent few mornings in the week ends: in the context of “Delta Cares”, the Singapore office brought the team together for multiple sessions in the heartland, supporting the NGO “Willing Hearts”, wholly-run by volunteers who prepare around 5,000 meals on a daily basis all year long. We supported by preparing the ingredients brought in the kitchens of the organization and cooked. These meals were then delivered across the island in 40 delivery centers, with ultimate recipient populations like the elderly.

The activity showed the team that simple actions can be initiated to have an impact on communities, and we had the chance to meet with a great diversity of volunteers coming together to have an impact on their community. It was definitely both heart warming and a true local Singapore experience.

What we learnt:

  • Team building happens through community activities.
  • Getting to know Singapore and the diversity of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds: we discovered that people from all ages, background and ethnicities coming together for communities’ greater good.