Tariro Foundation

Tariro Foundation

There is a South African saying “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”, literally translated “a person is a person because of other people” often used to explain that we affirm our humanity when we acknowledge that of others around us. This proverb is what guides our spirit of ubuntu in South Africa and propels most of us to seek every opportunity to do good. This quarter, the South African Delta CSR team has tried to embody this spirit by partnering with the Tariro foundation.

The Tariro foundation is an organisation founded by young South Africans to encourage and drive the number of high school students that go on to attain higher education. The aim of the foundation is to bridge the gap between underprivileged young aspiring girls and opportunities for entrepreneurial, educational, personal and wellness development. This is done by providing practical assistance such as tutoring, mentorship and helping with applications to higher learning institutions. Ultimately, the hope is that from these young girls there will emerge a group of intelligent, courageous and responsible young women who will lead South Africa and the African continent forward in business, politics and society at large.

For two Saturdays, Delta Partners team members volunteered with the foundation, providing career guidance, university and bursary application assistance. This included:

  • Ensuring applications were correctly completed to a minimum of 3 universities per student
  • Researching and applying for a minimum of 3 applicable bursaries per student
  • Assisting with updating the existing bursary database
  • Advising and reassuring students on degree choices, adjustments to university life and alternative options where requirements were not met

Following the success of these events, the team aims to deepen collaborations with the foundation going forward. This experience has challenged our team to reflect on what it truly means to contribute in a manner that has both long-term impact and contributes to restoring the dignity and autonomy of underprivileged South Africans.