TCF primary school in Pakistan

TCF primary school in Pakistan

In 2012, within the scope of Delta Partners Annual Charity initiative, we raised funds to build a primary school in Pakistan. Raffle tickets were sold to raise funds for the construction and maintenance of the primary school, which was carried out in conjunction with The Citizens Foundation (TCF). This was great opportunity for Delta Partners to make a sustainable impact on the youth in Pakistan.

Delta Partners matched every dollar of contribution from employees with another dollar. In total, around USD 150k was raised for the initiative and handed out to TCF in installments. The construction of the school took a year (March 2013 – March 2014) and the school was operational as of April 2014.

One primary education unit was built in Dharyala Kahoon, District Chakwal in the province of Punjab. Also, furniture was placed and uniforms, books & supplies were delivered to the students. The education unit has 6 classrooms from KG to Class V, each with a capacity of 30 students per classroom. The administration block includes a principal’s office, an accounts assistant office and a faculty common room. The building also accommodates spacious corridors, a library / art room, a playground and toilets. The building is equipped with other essentials such as running water and electricity.

Initially admissions were accepted for entry level classes for two sections, one section of Grade I and one section of Grade II, enrolling 75 students with a female ratio of 51%. Due to cultural restrictions in Pakistan, young women are not allowed to attend schools with male teachers and are restricted from traveling long distances to attend school. To cater to this issue, the campus was built in close proximity to the children’s homes and employed full female faculty. 50% female enrolment was targeted by TCF to ensure well-educated future generation of women.

Delta Partners team is proud of its contribution towards a literate Pakistan!