WFH: tips for the new normal

WFH: tips for the new normal



I've been Working From Home for some time now - I know how infuriating it can get. That also means that I've figured out how to do it right (or at least well enough to work for me). Now that we’re all on the same boat and have (hopefully) figured out alternate strategies to combat the wandering mind, please do leave them in the comments section below for the collective WFH clan.

I've learned that while working in isolation (and often a crowded house) with virtual teams can have its setbacks, it could also be tremendously beneficial in increasing productivity and managing a work - social life - mental health - healthy lifestyle balance. The trick is in waking up at a decent hour (I know the magnetic pull of the bed can be a powerful force), but wake up, make your bed, and show up.

I've found that starting the day with a morning walk/jog helps me focus better throughout the day, it's also when I make mental notes and set 'little wins' for the day. Depending on the workload and which regions I would be working with (my workdays are typically from 2 pm - 12:30 am), I set a schedule that includes little meditation breaks, catching up with friends over lunch, and most importantly... I make time for tea to declutter and refocus my mind.

A few non-negotiables (for me) when working from home are:

  • A dedicated working space. I've done up my home office to my desired aesthetic - grey and white (basically right out of a Muji catalog) with little plants around and motivational quotes on the wall.
  • Having a checklist with 'little wins' (for example, writing this article was on my list for today)
  • Dress as if I'm going out - it helps me get in the frame of mind and keeps me mentally in tune
  • Having little meditation breaks - usually about 15 minutes, I stretch my legs, meditate and make myself a cup of tea to declutter my mind and help me refocus.
  • Having all my work apps synced to my phone. Given the nature of a Communications role, it's likely that a post would need a quick edit, or I would need to respond to emails immediately. I also prefer to walk around when I'm on calls that don't require me to be in front of the screen.

Pro tip: whatever you do... do not put your pajamas back on until it's time for bed! It's almost too easy to fall into the lazy trap.

Working From Home can either be an ordeal or incredibly rewarding - mainly dependent on perception and how you design your day. Do you have any other tips that work for you? Alternatively, pet peeves that you're trying to combat when WFH?

Samrita Adwani · Head of Communications
Samrita works in the Communications function, supporting the Marketing team. Prior to Delta Partners, she has held roles with various FT 500’s including IBM, Reckitt Benckiser and Credit Suisse, as well as a couple of startups – all within the Branding and Communications function. She has a Masters in Corporate Communications from IE Business School in Madrid, a Certificate in Philosophy from the University of Oxford, UK and a Bachelor’s in Marketing & Business Law from Curtin University, Australia.